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Rebel Retro Fish 5ft 10 PU

Rebel Retro Fish 5ft 10 PU


The retro fish is a classic template that has stood the test of time. The key features to the fish is its width and swallow tail. By moving the wide point of the board up towards the nose it makes effortless paddling and once up on your feet it provides stability and speed. This coupled with a low rocker and wide swallow tail means this board is a speed machine in small to medium surf, maintaining down the line speed and glide to make it over flatter sections. There's plenty of rocker in the tail too, allowing for more vertical surfing and progressive turns. The fish is a popular board for a variety of surfer and has seen a reassurance in recent years. Ideal for intermediate riders looking for a fast stable board to progress on or advanced surfers wanting a board to perform in weaker waves. The retro fish is set up as a twin fin, which is great for speed and looser turning ideal for small conditions.


Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Available for delivery within 5 miles radius (Optional +$20.00)


Life vest ( Size: M )
Dry bag


$11.50   / day