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Our Story 

Rich and Kyle
The WILD story starts out like most good business stories, we ran into a problem and came up with an idea to solve it.

Our founders, Kyle and Rich, are friends who come from the same suburban New York town. Both of them moved to different parts of the country but have stayed close friends. In the fall of 2019, Kyle went to visit Rich for a few days and, of course, they had to get in some fun vacation activities (what’s a vacation without getting a sunburn).

They wanted to do some kayaking but neither of them had a kayak so they had to go rent them. On the drive, they discussed owning kayaks and the perils of having a kayak twice the length of your small car tied to the roof. The seed was planted. The next day they wanted to do some cycling and, fortunately, Rich had his own bike and (cumbersome) bike rack. That meant renting a bike for Kyle, struggling to fit it on the bike rack, and then driving it some long distance to where they actually wanted to ride. The bike rack struggle created time for Kyle to hit the bathroom before a long bike ride. And, that public restroom is where the idea sprouted (what better place for profound thoughts).

The problem: how do you "get out there" when you don’t have your own equipment?

The solution: we can share our equipment for outdoor sports!

How many people are missing out on trying a new sport or even participating in a sport they already enjoy because they don’t have the money, the space, or the vehicle to own their own equipment? On the flip side of that, how many people own equipment that they only use occasionally? We are here to fuse that missed connection. If you own equipment, why not rent it out when it’s sitting idle to make some money? If you don’t own but want to partake, wouldn’t it be nice to just open your phone and easily rent someone else’s stuff?
Kyle and Rich
Human evolution is undeniably connected to the outdoors and being physically active. Modern history has locked many of us inside most of the time and we only rarely interact with the outdoors which can be detrimental to our health. We believe that getting reconnected to the outdoors should be easy and affordable so that more people will want to "get out there", have some fun, and realize those health benefits.