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The WILD Philosophy

Adventurers in the WILD
Mission Statement 
To create opportunities for outdoor adventures while building connections between people, technology, and nature.

Simply put, we will always strive to do what is right. We are committed to achieving success by doing things that are good for society and our planet. Corporate social responsibility is not just some trendy phrase, it is an absolute creed that we live by everyday.
Adventurers in the WILD
Basic Tenets

Succeed by doing what is right
We will only operate and thrive by being good corporate citizens. That doesn’t just mean being honest but sometimes it might mean biting the bullet in the short term for the long term gains. This might mean collaborating with a competitor rather than trying to take them out or going above and beyond for a customer so that they really want to keep coming back to us. Those individual interactions might seem more costly but the benefits will far outweigh those costs.

Be forward thinking and flexible
We must always do more and do better. We must also actively work to avoid bureaucracy and redundant levels of management so that we can always be cutting edge. What else can we offer the customer? What can we do to make our employees' lives better? What can we do to help local school kids, local businesses, or local parks? These are the types of questions all of our people should always be trying to answer.

The idea of creating opportunities for new and old adventures doesn’t work if we don’t find ways to include people from all backgrounds. Increasing and sustaining diversity in outdoor sports is important for the sports themselves, for society, and for nature. That means we must find ways to get people interested in these activities, find ways to make it affordable, and make our services available to all different communities.